DONNINGDONNA x Pasar Seloka in Maybank Sama Sama Lokal

DONNINGDONNA in Pasar Seloka x Maybank Sama Sama Lokal Bazaar

Special for Maybank customers, here's an awesome deals not to be missed. Be sure to utilize the promo code "SAMASAMASELOKA" upon checking out your M2U MY app or Sama Sama Lokal website and get additional discount RM10 on top of existing discount.

Hurry and utilize the promo codes before it runs out!

How to purchase via Maybank2u website:

1. Surf our shop via Maybank Sama Sama Lokal. Click HERE
2. Tap the button View Menu/Order Online. Select MAE eWallet or using M2U
3. Select products & quantity you would like to purchase. The detail/picture of the products can be browsed via
4. Fill in your particulars and confirm
5. Key in SAMASAMALOKAL code upon checkout to get additional discount on top of existing discount
6. Whatsapp us at +60188718398 to arrange for delivery

How to purchase via Maybank2u app:

1. Log in your M2U MY app
2. Look at the = button on the top left & click Sama Sama Lokal
3. Choose Pasar Seloka Holiday Market
4. Click filter and choose WP Kuala Lumpur at State field. If you leave this step, you might not be able to see our shop.
5. Scroll down or search DONNINGDONNA
6. Select DONNINGDONNA, choose the Menu tab & choose products you want to purchase and click Order Online.
7. Select product, set quantity and confirm. You may view the products detail in
8. Fill in delivery details, confirm and fill in SAMASAMASELOKA code prior checkout
9. Whatsapp us +60188718398 for delivery arrangement.

If you need more guide from us, feel free to click the Whatsapp icon and ask us, we are here to guide you.