PastelRia - Dits & Dahs Shawl
PastelRia - Dits & Dahs Shawl
PastelRia - Dits & Dahs Shawl

PastelRia - Dits & Dahs Shawl

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[Part 5 of 5] Aminah ran to the end of the Enchanted Garden. She needs to face another hurdle, to open the gate to her mortal land. Aminah then remembers what the village Pawang has once told, focus on the solid circles and squares only, ignore the shapes with patterns on it and the chant starts after the small triangle. At the garden’s gate, Aminah successfully cracked the code, she chants the saying and with God’s help, she is back to the land of the mortals, safe in the arms of her family and presented her sister with the most beautiful and largest Peony she has ever seen; the Queen Peony.

It is not just plain geometric shapes. The shapes are carefully placed and curated to deliver a message. Unleash the Sherlock or Enola Holmes in you, and decipher the code. The clue is in the story above.

Material: zandria satin silk
Hemming: baby seam
Measurements: 180cm(L) x 70cm(W)
Opacity: 80%
Effect: Matte

Every piece comes in individual box.

Colour might slightly vary due to lighting and screen setting.
Slight variation in measurements may differ by 1-2cm.
The brand watermark is not present in the actual product