For the love of art

"Every design is an expression of the maker creative manifestation of knowledge, emotions and inspiration. Every piece is an art, a wearable storytelling experience"

DONNINGDONNA is a fashion brand aims to serve women inclusive of all personality types.

Reiterating its literal meaning - DONNING which means to put on and DONNA which is defined as woman and a title of respect in Italian - the brand celebrates uniqueness of each woman.

Every piece of garments is crafted thoughtfully, with its art and symbolization be part of voices for women. Intricate lines are drawn to form captivating shapes and eventually assemble into breath-taking patterns which were the foundation of extraordinary tales of knowledge, experience, wisdom and inspiration.

Each piece of DONNINGDONNA bears meaningful design that speaks mystery of every woman.

Explore our collection to understand more and grasp the true meaning behind the mesmerizing concept which exhibits values of each and every woman.


DONNINGDONNA started back in 2014 selling ready-made clothes. The company redefined their business direction into producing in-house designed collection from 2015 onwards and aims in producing premium quality line aligned with appreciation towards art.