PastelRia - Nepenthes Lace Shawl
PastelRia - Nepenthes Lace Shawl
PastelRia - Nepenthes Lace Shawl

PastelRia - Nepenthes Lace Shawl

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[Part 3 of 5] Aminah continues her quest to find the lair of the Queen Peony and Rose Princesses. There it is, a great vine of flesh eating Nepenthes plants surrounding the entire place. Aminah then remembered her village folk tales about the Enchanted Garden when she was little. ‘Find the Lily flowers, hold onto it as you venture through the Nepenthes, you will be invincible to them’. The smell of the Lilies is so intense that it has shielded Aminah from being detected by the Nepenthes.

Nepenthes is another name for the tropical pitcher plant. A unique type of plant that thrive in tropical weather. This carnivorous plant is found abundance in the land of Borneo. The unique features of Nepenthes has captivated the artisan to exhibit the beauty of it in this scarf. A digital hand drawing of Nepenthes luring the insects into it’s opening.

Material: zandria satin silk
Hemming: baby seam
Measurements: 180cm(L) x 70cm(W)
Opacity: 80%
Effect: Matte

Every piece comes in individual box.

Colour might slightly vary due to lighting and screen setting.
Slight variation in measurements may differ by 1-2cm.
The brand watermark is not present in the actual product